Antoine Dailly

Year 2021-2022

I am an ATER at the IUT2 in Grenoble. I supervise tutorials and practical courses in the following topics:

  • C programming
  • Server-based web programming (PHP)
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Probability and statistics, and R
  • Algorithms
  • Graph Theory
  • Year 2019-2020

    I was an assistant teacher for a class of Computability and Complexity at the UNAM Juriquilla. I supervised exercise sessions. We followed the outline of the book Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser. Here are the exercise sheets:

  • Finite automatas and regular languages [Answers]
  • Homework on automatas and regular languages (to be done for September 3rd) - Answers
  • Context-free languages [Answers]
  • Exam for the first two chapters (regular languages and context-free languages) [Answers]
  • Turing machines [Answers]
  • Decidability [Answers]
  • Reducibility [Answers]
  • Exam for the next three chapters (Turing machines, decidability and reducibility) [Answers]
  • Time complexity [Answers]
  • Homework on complexity (to be done for December 10th) - Answers
  • The list of the problems we proved to be NP-complete
  • Year 2018-2019

    As an ATER, I taught computer science classes.

    I supervise courses and tutorials in the following topics:

  • Operations Research
  • Graph Theory and Complexity
  • Programming Language Semantics, Compiling
  • Algorithms
  • We use Caseine, an online learning platform.

    Years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

    During my thesis, I taught computer science at ISFA as part of my contract.

    Python Programming (L3)

    The responsible for this course is Alexis Bienvenüe. I supervise practical courses, which use the exercises on France-IOI.

    C++ Programming (L3)

    Year 2015-2016

    C++ Programming (L3)

    The responsible for this course is Yahi Salhi. I supervise courses, tutorial and practical courses.

    Java Programming (M1)

    The responsible for this course is Agnès Rico. I supervise practical courses.

    Unix (M1)

    The responsible for this course is Denis Clot. I supervise practical courses.